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The Dahlonega International Film Festival and the Consulate General of Israel in Atlanta are pleased to invite you to meet two young award winning filmmakers from Israel.


Come to beautiful Pine Lake next Tuesday, June 24th, and meet Yariv M. Mozer and Yuval Shafferman before they head up to Dahlonega to showcase their movies. They will give a brief talk about filmmaking and life in Israel followed by a question and answer session.


8 pm @ the Club House

in Pine Lake





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Passiflora Waltz


Directed by: Yariv M. Mozer


2003, Israel, 16mm on Beta SP, subtitled, 14 min



A street musician's tune inspires a teenaged boy to a fleet-footed fantasy involving an older dream woman. Mozer's largely silent film is subdued and patient, a somehow nostalgic piece that impresses with its gentleness.




Directed by: Yuval Shafferman


2003, Israel, DV, subtitled, 12 min



The reality of everyday violence in Israel is vividly illustrated in this harrowing account of parents waiting for their youngdaughter to return home, while nervously consuming reports about a local bombing which may have taken her life. Deep-seated fears and resentments rise to the fore, and a marriage is forever altered in Shafferman's tense tale that gives us new perspective on the ever-presence of violence in that region of the world.