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NOVEMBER 9th @ the ClubHouse

10 am to Noon


Pine Lake Cultural Affairs has been an official committee of the City of Pine Lake since 1998, and has been bringing the residents of Pine Lake arts events including dances, festivals, workshops, concerts, art shows, classes, and the BeachHouse mural. Since November 2000, we have produced the monthly "First Friday CoffeeHouses" as well as eight to twelve other events each year.

Many people have worked to make this possible, both by giving their talents and money, and it has all been done without funds from the city budget. The city and the committee have every right to be very proud of these accomplishments. We have always paid our participating artists (unless they specifically wished to donate their services), and have gained a reputation as a center for arts in DeKalb County.

It is time for us to take another great leap toward fulfilling our mission of making "all forms of art available, both as experience and as creation" and to "address the diversity of our population as to age and ethnic background."

However, in order to grow we need more people with ideas and a desire to participate, which is why…..

You are invited to an open planning meeting of
the Pine Lake Cultural Affairs Committee.

In the Clubhouse

November 9, 2002

10 a.m. to noon

Please come with your ideas and your enthusiasm. We'll try to tell you everything you need to know.

  Sharon J. Sanders

Melanie Hammet

Susan Tarnower

Charlaine Welch