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Saturday, May 25th


It's shaping up to be a great day!

    Starting at noon, we will parade down Clubhouse Drive. We'll be featuring kids on bikes, decorated dogs, etc. and we'll be awarding prizes and ribbons for best dog, best bike, etc.

The parade will includes a solemn remembrance at the "eternal flame" to be led by Acting Mayor McCall. Veterans, family, friends, are encouraged to add their wishes at the flame.

Then, around 12:30, we'll have the "Opening of the Beach", led by the acting Mayor and accompanied by little children bounding into the water. We'll also be there to celebrate the Beach House mural. Many thanks to Cultural Affairs for all their hard work!

Then, as Pine Lakers are laughing and enjoying the day in the park, we will have free hot dogs on buns and sodas throughout the afternoon.

At around 4 pm, PLAIN will sponsor an ice cream social at the Beach House.

One hour later, Pine Lake Cultural Affairs takes over. First sponsoring a free concert by
"openfist" and then presenting a free movie on the beach.

We appreciate and look forward to community support. If you can help with donations or by volunteering your time,
please contact Sue Clites.

And as if that weren't enough!

    We will have a raffle May 25th to benefit the Watershed Alliance. Tickets are $1 and 8 for $5.

Winners (you do not have to be present to win -- but you DO have to buy a ticket!) will be announced on the beach before the movie in front of a throng of movie-goers!

At this point, we are soliciting donations for prizes to be awarded. All prizes are tax-deductible. If you know anyone who would be interested in donating their goods or services to this worthy cause (We promise a generous "plug" as all prizes are awarded!!), or- if you have any suggestions/comments/ questions - call Tommy Conlon at 404-298-3556, or email him at