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The Mural Project

is Underway!

And a little bit of rain ain't gonna get in our way!

We're rescheduled for May 11th and 18th!


The City Council has spoken and design #1 was selected. It was also the highest vote getter. To see the original selections, click here.

Progress has already been made in preparing the surface for the mural.

Our thanks to Ken Paz for removing the nandina bush, and to Philip Howland for removing "things" from the wall, replacing the floodlight, and making other repairs to the wall. Soon, the wall will be pressure-washed, scraped, and primed. Then, during the week of April 23, Nancy Ballew (the muralist), with the help of Chris Varley, will sketch/grid the chosen mural on the wall.

On May 11 and May 18, everyone is invited to come down and paint. It will be set up so that no special skills are required. Tell your friends and put it on your calendar.




We need four or five strong persons to help move the equipment box from in front of the wall. Philip has agreed to build a new one, but for now, the old one needs to move. To make scheduling easier, let me suggest that those who are willing to help, come to the beach at 10 a.m. next Saturday (April 20). It won't take long.

We also need a few people willing to help make a party out of this event by cooking hotdogs, or whatever, during the lunch hour on both days.

AND, we invite you to apply for the jobs of "Painting Assistant."

We see four people working a four-hour shift each with the community to make sure that everyone who wants to paint has the help they need to do that.

These jobs pay $15 per hour. To apply, please contact me at 404.296.1672 or by e-mail <>

Thank you again. This mural is going to be a great addition to the public space of Pine Lake. Tell your friends and we'll see you there.



Sharon J. Sanders for Pine Lake Cultural Affairs


This program is supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. The Council is a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.